TN State Chair Election Voting

USA Powerlifting is hosting the election for State Chair Jan 23-26, and I wanted to let everyone know that I have put my name of the ballot, and I would appreciate your vote.


Any lifters registered for USA Powerlifting in the State of Tennessee who have had an active membership that was renewed for 2018 before Jan 22, 2018.

CLICK HERE to vote. You will need your USAPL Membership ID to vote.

Between Jan 23 – Jan 26. Voting closes at 9:00 PM on the 26th.


I am a USAPL Certified Referee and Coach as well as an active lifter who has lifted at Raw Nationals as well as local and pro meets. I am a Meet Director, and strive to put on high-quality meets in Tennessee. I spend time each week hosting meetups in Nashville, and want to convey my interest in growing the community of drug free lifters in the State of TN if I’m elected your chair.

High-quality meets aren’t nearly as accessible as they should be, and I want to change that as your chair. Helping more lifters to be certified as judges, empower more individuals to get the tools they need to host meets, and to finally host a website and social media presence for our state and to host public State Records are the most important items that I would focus on immediately upon becoming your chair.


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