Training Vlog: Weeks 2-4

This training vlog features the completion of my pivot cycle, weeks 2-4 focusing on high bar and box squats, feet up and close-grip bench, and sumo deadlifts.

The Good:

  • Maxed my close grip bench at 170. My current competition style bench max is 185.
  • Added 35 lbs. to my sumo max.
  • Made progress on high bar and box squats

The Bad: 

  • Hips are still rising early on my squats. I need to be more patient and let my chest lead
  • Missed one rep on close grip bench, and failed two singles on Sumo

The Ugly: 

  • Sumo pulls are still not technically where I’d like them to be. I have the strength, but struggle with setting up properly every time
  • I still need to improve my lats, glutes, and hamstrings.

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